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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do Something Nice Thursday....

Today,  I was thinking about all the times my mom needed help with her computer and had to she patiently waited till one of her darling kids had time to run by and see if we could help her out.  When I first started using my computer I was very lucky to have both my kids around.  Not to mention they ran with glee, each time I yelled ...O, NO!!!

Well, I owe what I do know to them.  They helped teach, show and fix all things computer in our home...not to mention my being Dyslexic ..but, that's another post...:)

 So, I had this idea...Think of someone you know. Could be someone who is older, who maybe can not get out and about much. Their only link to others is through their computer. Maybe, they are having some computer problems...no one to turn to for help. Well, that is where you could check in and say...How's your computer working these day's?  Not to mention you could introduce them to a lot of fun, playing computer games or just really help them overcome being lonely.  I think my mom now has more FB friends then I do...thanks to those games:)  Or, maybe you know a child in school who is needing some help learning how to get around on the computer..School Reports ..Homework..Games...Facebook,  Hey..."Good opportunity to share computer safety with a young one"

 Well, you get the idea...I bet we each know someone.. who would love to get to know their computer a little better... or,  maybe just be able to turn it on again...:) 


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