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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea Party's,Tutu's and Flower Girls....

O, I just Love these Tutus!!!  Beyond beautiful!!!  The first thought that came to mind upon stumblingly upon these pretties was....Lets have a "Rainbow Tea Party"  Now wouldn't that be fun...Each little girl could show up in the color of her choice.  What a treat for the special girl in your life!  Or how about the Wedding of your dreams...What a way to have your little Flower Girl float into your wedding... I think they would look so adorable walking down the isle in any one of these dresses....and not just the little girls....check out the one for the bridesmaids......

Lets not forget the Bride
I swooned....how about you?

All Tutus can be found over at  "Tutus Chic"
All Wedding Photos are courtesy of  "Style Me Pretty"

O ...Do tell if you chose a Tutu for any occasions .......

Blessings, Lisa

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  1. Thank you Lisa. You did such a gorgeous and yummy job of putting all these photos together with the wedding scenes. I am just honored!!
    Sarah TutuChic on Etsy

    I will be sure to share this on my fanpage: