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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Easy Go to Outfits

I've been having fun lately with sites like Pinterest and Polyvore....if you have not been properly introduced to these sites yet....well, hop on over and check them out.  They are so fun and well yes,  addicting!!!!   I have a bit of a problem with OCD, so Pinterest and I get along just find....and then there is Polyvore...Well, let the designing begin:)  I remember when I was around 10 years old, I use to have this little light box that was a design studio.  It allowed you to dream up and create fashions of your own. You simply traced the outfits off the cards, that came in the kit.  Well that is kinda what Polyvore is....but easier!  Polyvore has all the items for a great outfit...you just pick them out and create your own style boards.

So, I started pulling together outfits I liked. Then found a few bloggers who also enjoy Pinterest and who's style I love, and I thought I would start sharing them here ....So, here we go....

I love all things that are easy....Nothing fussy.   Hence the title,  "Easy to go to outfits"

To me this is the best......so comfy!!!  I love denim shorts...a great white shirt or tee, leather purse and sandals....it just speaks youthful, fun and the shorts are not too short for us lady's over 40. 

Then, there's this little dress below. Everything about it says, shopping and lunch with the girls,  preferably at the beach.....then stopping by the makeup counter at one of your favorites little shops.  One of my favorites is, Fashion Island, Newport Beach, Ca.  If you have never been....you must give it a try. Don't forget to make time and drive up and down PCH highway...

then you should have just enough time to run home and slip this next outfit on, and your off for the evening. I love the ruffles...yet, those shoes.."not something I can still wear" but,  I do think they bring it up a notch from too sweet:)  For those of us 40 and over ..I would probably wear the same color shoe with a little lower heel, yet still an open toe sandal.

So,  I hope I was able to give you some ideas for your upcoming weekend. Be sure to check out those fun sites...then hop back by and let me know what you created!  You can post you blog site in the comments below, and  I will be sure to drop by for a visit :)



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