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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do Something Nice Thursday....

I started   "Do Something Nice Thursdays"  in hopes it would bring back the good ole days. The days of helping others and in doing so, maybe taking the focus off of the things we can't control in the world today.  So many of us are split on our political views, what we eat, do and don't do, on and on.  That I thought it would be inspiring to bring back some good deeds..and in doing so, bring back the vision, I believe God intended us to share in!

I was raised in a time where we said ...Thank You and Please.  Men opened the door for women and women did not laugh or look at them like they were expecting a tip.  If you saw an elder crossing the street or carrying a heavy bag...you would help them.  If you saw someone crying you would ask if they were Ok.  If a child was lost...you could safely help them, without someone thinking you where the problem. Well, I think you get the picture...no, not the one that I am old:)    I am a little old fashion,  Ok, a lot!   And, yes.. I am half way there in age...but, I still believe there is hope, that the good deeds we take the time to invest in..will not only help others..."much more then we know at this present time."  But, will also help us!  I trust, it will help us to remember what it feels like to make someone smile. To see what hope looks like on another persons face.  To see surprise put back in the scared and hopeless face of a child....I think you get the picture....

So, I hope you will join me on this.  ."Do Something Nice Thursday!"  And in doing so...find that all hope is not lost:)

This Thursday I want to share how I have been going through my adult kids stuff..."not their beloved stuff!"  But, the stuff that has been laying around in storage boxes, ..sorting, rearranging.. some of these items I have chosen to share with the homeless kids....the ones that are now living in their cars, not in their homes!!! 

Yes, its true....times are that hard!  So, I took my kids used backpacks. I had three, still in good condition. I just gave them a bath, filled them with deodorant...shampoo, school supplies, snacks... and handed them out.  A lot of these kids will be starting school soon....they will attend with no school supplies....heck...they don't even have their own private space anymore...so, a backpack is the only thing at the moment that they can view as theirs, only theirs. This is consider.."A hand up, not a hand out!" They can still start school with some pride...and have what the other kids have...at least on campus:)

So, here is the great news....you can do this too! Its easy!  If you do not have time to put a backpack together yourself...just click here....."Feed the Children"  for $20.00 they will see that a child gets "a hand up not a hand out" and you can help keep them in school.

 I hope this touches your heart and puts a smile on your face:)  Wishing you a very blessed Thursday and I would love to hear about your Thursday adventure!!!


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