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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's In..What's Out ..2011 Weddings

Wedding Location
In: Untraditional event spaces like old foundries or industrial warehouses
Out: Barn weddings

Wedding Song

In: “Marry Me” by Train
Out: “YMCA”, “Celebration” and “We Are Family”

First Dance

In: Well choreographed first dance
Out: Fake out first dance


In: Airy, light fabrics like chiffon and tulle that has texture and movement that is more form fitted
Out: Heavy, satin ball gowns

Late-night Snacks

In: Food trucks
Out: Candy buffet bars
(unless it's Amy Atlas, that's art!)


In: Short rib
Out: Filet mignon


 In: Rose gold
Out: Platinum


In: Natural, true to life
Out: Fisheye lenses and special effect photo editing


In: An interior design approach creating more of a finely furnished feel
Out: Turn of the century vintage/flea market

Wedding Photos

In: Seeing each other before the ceremony and taking your photos before the wedding
Out: Missing your cocktail hour to go take pictures

Bride's Hair

In: Leaving your hair down, natural with loose waves and body
Out: Updos with hard hairsprayed curls


In: Different colors and styles for bridesmaids to compliment their different body shapes and styles
Out: Same dresses for bridesmaids


In: Elegant shoes that compliment the formality of your suit/tux
Out: Casual shoes with tux/suit (like converse)

Hope this helps...feel free to add to the list....

blessings and have a wonderful weekend,


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