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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking like a Crafty Work Room

OOOO, I'm Busy.    OOOO, the Mess!     So, I thought I would share it with you:)    Sound good? 

Well, here we go....This could be every girls dream!  That is if you are a crafty kind of girl.  I am..and,  I love it....Mess and all....

First up....

Crushed Sea Shell Kissing Balls for a Brides Beach Wedding.  Take note of my trusted helper.  See how she pays close attention to the detail.....yap..i hirer only the best.

                                 then we have a ...  Ring Bearer Pillow, Monogram P

A set of....Bridal Party Clutches....


then outside I go to work with Glitter....I know... Glitter, Glitter and more  Glitter....Yes, that's when my husband runs...but not my little Henny Penny, O, No...She loves to help!  It's kinda like having a toddler around.  Funny story that girl ....but that's another post...just warning you...

Then there's the Sea Shell Bridal Bouquet...Which is turning out so Beautiful!!!

So there we have it...a few days in my work week.  Messy... but O, so fun!!! 

 I'll hop back in and post the finish products for you all...can't wait to see you then!
Till then,  feel free to leave us a link and share with us what you have going on in your workroom:)

Blessings, Lisa

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