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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wedding

While we are in the mist of Summer, here in Arizona...the temps range anywhere from 103 to 118....I have had the pleasure of working with a Bride on her "Winter Wonderland Wedding" planned for this December. Her colors are Silver, White, and a deep Azurite.  Her Bridesmaids are going to be wearing Azurite Colored Dresses...The table linens are going to be White and Silver with Silver Chairs....So, she wanted to go with these beautiful Azurite Table Numbers.......I think they are going to look stunning under the Event Lights!!!!

My other bride is having a very Elegant Wedding at the end of July. Her Mother wanted to surprise her daughter and future son n law with their  "Married Monogram"  at the Entry to the Reception Room, which happens to be in a beautiful London Castle. I think this is going to be such a beautiful surprise and what a keepsake for the new married couple....

the mother of the bride also ordered matching letters for her daughters "Candy Table"  choosing the saying  "Sweets."   The letters will be scattered amongst the different candy's and cake's that will be served at their reception.

Well, if it looks like I had fun with these orders...I did!  I can't wait to post  pictures from the Bride's, as I receive them...so make sure you check back in:)

Blessings, Lisa

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