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Friday, January 18, 2013


Gone are the days of  Wedding Guest writing their names in a Bridal Guest Book.   Now your guest can help create a keepsake, while offering their wishing for your new adventure in life as Husband and Wife... 

Wine Bottle Guest Book

  Guest Book Puzzle

                                                          Polaroid Scrapbook

                                                     Guest Book Monogram 
                                                      Typewriter Guest Book

                                      Vinyl Record Guest Book Alternative

Wishing Stones

                                                                  Guest Quilt

                                                           Guest Book Platter

Guitar Guest Book 

 Wine Cork Guest Book

Wooden Slice Guest Book

Engagement Guest Book

                                                            Vintage Postcard

Jenga Guest Book

truly love each of alternative Guest Book ideas. I hope they have inspired you also! For further information these ideas have all been pinned to my Pinterest Board.  If you have other ideas that would make an awesome quest book, share it with us in the comment section below...


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