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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Well, hello and happy third week of 2013!!!  How's everyone liking the New Year so far?  I trust after getting beyond a couple of very cold weeks, everyone is back in the norm and enjoying some sunshine. I know we are here in Arizona, and to add to our sunshine..I thought I would ring in the New Year doing something "New" here on my blog and due to my Etsy Shop having grown from a little shop to a rather, "Happy Large Shop" in 2012.. I will not only be doing a blog giveaway for the month of January...but, also for each month of 2013!!!  Yes..I am excited Too:)))

This month I will be giving away a "Bride Tote Bag"..Check it out below...

Don't you love how "BRIDE" is spelled out in Silver Sequins!!!

The "Bride Tote Bag" is perfect for holding all of your wedding day necessities and/or taking on your honeymoon!

The bag measures about 16 1/2" x 13" and the handles measure 8" x 9".

It has a magnetic snap closure that is accented with faux patent leather.

So if you would like a chance to win this ever So Sweet Bag"!!!  Here's what you do....

1. Follow my blog then leave me a comment below, letting me know that your are now following along.

2. Follow my Facebook Page by Clicking  "Here"  then leave me a comment on my Facebook page ..that way I will know to add your name twice:))

3. Now, if you really truly just have to have this Bag...Go for it and follow my Pinterest Bridal Boards..or all of them if you must...then leave me a "I just had to" comment below, and I will put your name in the hat "3" times:) 

Well, get after it and I will be drawing the winner's name at the end of the month.  So stay tuned! I will also be posting some fun post in the mean time:))

See you soon...



  1. Hey Lisa!

    I couldn't figure out how to follow your blog, but I "liked" you on Facebook and I am now following your Pinterest!

    1. Hi kelsey:) thank you..Welcome! Over on the right hand side of the blog you will see "Followers" below that just click on "Join this site" Also..right below that you can follow by Email! Hope this helps!!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    Love the Bridal Bag! Now following :)

  3. hi lisa!!!
    love the bag excited to see the cake topper now following

  4. Hey Lisa!! Now following cant wait to see our cake topper

    1. Hi Christine...it will be shipping out tomorrow Monday:) It's Beautiful!