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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My Mother in Law passed away this morning. Her life was nothing like most of ours, for she struggled with Mental Illness. I watched over her for the better part of 25 years and What I learned about Mental Illness is.....

1. It is a very lonely illness without much family support
2. That when you have it...you pray for cancer instead...Just so your family will still love you and not abandon you......so they will support and fight for your wellness and if you do die you know you will die loved
3. That there is no one to take you to your doctor appts and hold your hand when you cry
4. That it's still an illness that is very misunderstood due to the fear that surrounds it
5. That most people with this illness carry a bible everywhere they go, because they are afraid of what is going on in their head and because of it they live in fear and great loneliness
6. That you can still have a sense of humor when your mind is playing tricks on you
7. That on good days you still love and enjoy holidays, family and friends
8. That you still love good food
9. That you did nothing to deserved this illness and that you are not a bad person because you have it
10. That a battle is truly going on in their head each and everyday that only they can fight and it's scary for they are fighting it alone

So today when I heard of her passing...I rejoiced and must also admit that there were days I had spent in the lockup ward with her, where I had prayed for this day. A day she would be free to live a beautiful life in peace, with other family members in Heaven, where she would no longer struggle here on earth! She has now been received with open arms, hugs and love and can now talk freely!

I am so very Grateful for Heaven...


  1. I just found your blog (I wandered over here from Pinterest) and I just wanted to say that this post touched my heart. So beautifully written. I don't know what faith you follow but I pray for you heart, that it never loses its compassion and its love. <3

  2. i was just looking through ur site and came across this lil peace of heaven.. i truly pray for her soul that it may Rest in Peace.. and thanks for sharing this wonderful piece

  3. Lisa,

    So beautiful. I felt the same when my Dad died - finally we'd all know where he was. Mental illness is so cruel. Hugs.

  4. So nicely written. She was lucky to have you as a daughter in-law. I'm a disabled RN that worked in mental health & saw so many families that rejected them. So very sorry for your loss. XOXO