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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do Something Nice Thursday

While picking up supplies at the Crafts Store the other day ...I was chatting with a young girl who wanted to take up scrap booking.  We were talking about how expensive it was to scrapbook and that she would have to pay for her supplies from the money she could earn from babysitting, when she was lucky enough to get a job.  I started sharing with her other ways she could earn some extra money.. Keeping an eye on her neighbors dogs when they went out of down...walking the dogs, feeding the dogs, brushing the dog. If they do not have animals she could offer to water their gardens while they where gone. Or she could wash their cars when needed.   All she ever thought she could do was babysit....So, It was fun to share these other options with her.

So, to help her out...I told her to hand write..."YES, Hand Write"  a one page letter ...to share with her neighbors...Write a little about herself...Her hobby's, what she likes about school...etc...and she could tape it to their front doors, or drop it into their mail boxes....this of course being done "Only, after she spoke with her parents and they had agreed upon what neighbors she give her letters too!"
Anyhow....here is my idea for this Thursday...If you know of a young person who is wanted to make some extra income....share these idea with them and any others that you might think of....it's just another way of helping the light bulb turn on in their heads:)

Blessings, Lisa

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