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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Wow.. Wedding Seasons in full swing and I'm thrilled to say my Etsy Shop has been back logged with Custom Orders, which has been more then exciting... its a Hugh surprise not to mention tons of fun!!  Then here floats my neglected blog....hump.  Something always has to give..  Right?  Well, not tonight!  Might I add its 2AM in the morning...But, I'm here and checking in with another DIY Rustic Wedding Idea!  

I just love, these Burlap Framed Table Numbers...

They look easy, don't you agree?  Just find your frames, cut your burlap and add your clear sticker table number ... Ta Da!!
 So, the photo is from Pinterest. It did not come with a link, yet it does give credit to "The Creative Bag" which is a great wedding supply online shop. So, if you choose to not make the framed table numbers you've still scored because you're going to love The Creative Bag. They also sell the Burlap and the Clear Sticker Numbers used for the above tutorial.
So hop on over and check them out:)
Its great to be back...

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