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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Coming soon to my Etsy Shop will be my "Seashell Wedding Bouquets"  They've been such a hit on Wedding Wire ... so what better time then now, to share them here and in my Etsy Shop then summer time... where seashells are in bloom....

Each bouquet is custom made. Before any Seashells are added I cover the base of the bouquet in  Beach Sand. Then I start adding the seashells, satin flowers, pearls large and small, more ribbon, then some hand crushed seashells..I keep repeating this process until the base is completely covered and the final layer is dry. It's about a two week process...Then I start work on the base...Below I have covered the base in organza ribbon, sheer ribbon and satin champagne ribbon.  Then added more seashells.

Below is the same bouquet yet with blue tulle and crushed blue sea glass

Below, I've added another keepsake to the stem....but, the true keepsake is the bouquet itself....

So make sure to check back in soon ...for all kinds of bouquets in different colors will be springing up in my Etsy Shop .

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful summer with family and friends.


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