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Monday, November 7, 2011


Well I spent a wonderful weekend away from my shop...yet, still in my workroom.  While watching 2 amazing football games and a couple of new TV shows...I managed to start redecorating our eating area. Of course my faithful partner was supervising....

I moved to Arizona about 2005...before that I grew up and lived in California and my profession was an Interior Designer.  So, when I pulled my sewing machine out of its cupboard this weekend, it was like having lunch with an old friend.  Our weather here in AZ was cold and breezy with light rain, we had a fire in the fireplace and football games going most the weekend....all the while I was sewing:)

I have always loved slipcovers and think of them as dresses for chairs. I believe if you can sew a dress then you can sew a slipcover.....you can make them as easy or as hard as you want, depending upon the details that you add.

My fabric choice is a lightweight off white linen which I picked up at the outlet store at a great price.  For the chair skirt I think I will give it some knife pleats  and add some matching buttons to the back.  If you would also like to make a chair slipcover but feel a little overwhelm by the how to's, check out  Ana Whites site for some very easy directions.

I also had some left over fabric sitting around and decided to make a pleated valance for my bay windows. Later this week I will be sure to post my finished projects.  Well for now I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know that the weather change up was unexpected and hope you all managed to stay safe.  Did anyone else start a sewing project?  If you did and would like to share it with us,  just post your link in the comments area and we will hop on over to check it out:)

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