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Friday, September 30, 2011


October is just around the corner, as is Halloween. As I was uploading these  photos I could not help but remember Halloween when my children were younger. We loved decorating our front yard each year. One year, we had decided to make the front yard a graveyard.  So, we made tombstones, stuck them in the ground and at one of the tombstones we added a couple of play body parts...kinda left them sticking out of the ground.  Well, that week we also ended up having a little home pipe problem and had to call the plumber.  So,  Mr. Roto-Rooter arrives and as he is walking up our driveway with my then 9 year old son, he could not help but take note of the body parts sticking out of the ground and asked.... Who's that?   To which my son then replied.... O, that's just last years plummer!

 That was our home...between him and I, we were always cracking each other up. What a gift laughter is! 

Well, I thought I would share some of these cute decorating ideas with you all, in hopes it would inspired you and your family to get in the mood for some fun decorating.....

Sarah J Hanifan Etsy
Jenni Lyons 81 Etsy
                                                 Slippin Southern Etsy
Rachael's Garden Etsy
              Rock Paper Scissors CPG Etsy
Rowan and the Hare Etsy
                                              Cotton Ridge Emporium Etsy
                                               Chickadee Primitives Etsy
                                              Expressions in Design Etsy
                                                 And the Sign Says Etsy

If you have any fun Halloween stories...do tell:)


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