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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric Rosette Flower Tutorial

Those Pretty Rosette Flowers are showing up everywhere. So, I thought I would share some different ways they can be used and a simple DYI Tutorial I found over on  "Little Birdie Secrets." So before you head on over check out some of these ideas....they just might give you a few new ideas of your own!

1. Cover a lamp shade in your favorite fabric and add some rosettes
2. Decorate a sweet hand towel in your guest bathroom with a few small Rosette's
3. Next time you wrap a present for a friend..make a hair clip rosette and clip it on top of her present in place of the bow
4. Make some for your little girls Birthday Party Favors
5. Add a few to your favorite handbag
6. Make yourself a headband.
7. If you are soon to be married...make some for your Bridesmaids to wear in your wedding.
8. Make some for shoe clips.
9. Add some to a pretty wide ribbon and wear as a sash with one of your favorite A line dresses...

Well, that should get you started...and if your not in the mood but just have to have one....Stop by Christie's Etsy Shop   ...."The Little White Cat."  It's as cute as it sounds and she does custom orders...so if you have something special in mind....just ask:)

Hope everyone has an Amazing Weekend,


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