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Monday, September 19, 2011

Yeah, for SoleMates High Heelers!

A Must have for any "Out Door Event"   The SoleMates High Heeler® Available in four colors, Clear, Black, Silver & Gold - choose the color that will best complement your shoes!

Wow,  this could be one of those moments where you say..."Why didn't I think of that." these little SoleMates are bound to keep you from falling to the ground...plus keep your heels from being torn up!  I Personally can think of so many occasions were I could have used these...recently at my sons graduation.  My heel sunk into the grass and O My....Thank you husband for always being by my side! He saved me from crashing to the ground! But not before I let out a high pitch yelp...might as well have fallen to the ground for all the on lookers...lol

   Well, we don't want that to happen to you on your Special Day. So, hop on over... Here.  If you give them a try be sure to check back and let us all know how they worked out for you...

Hope you all have a great week,   Lisa

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